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Now Grace Kidz is coming to you!

Sing & dance. Watch hilarious videos. Do fun family activities.  All while learning about God's great love for us.

Let's maximize this extra time with our children to read the Bible with them, talk about Jesus, and continue to build even stronger families together!

These online resources will be updated weekly, so bookmark this page and keep checking back for new information.

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december 4, 2022

 FIRST LOOK® Preschool Resources

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Let's Memorize scripture together!

It's never too early to start hiding God's promises and truths...the living our hearts! And sometimes, especially with young children, learning concepts and memorizing scriptures are easier when done through song. Here are a few of our favorite bands that help us hide God's word in our hearts: The Rizers and Seeds Family Worship.

P.S. Parents...this is a great way for us to memorize scripture together as a family!

Jana Alayra videos

Our littlest Grace Kidz love to sing and dance! And Jana Alayra does an amazing job of leading our little ones to worship and helping them to hide God's truths in their hearts. Jana has graciously allowed us to share her videos with you! We hope that you enjoy these songs and learn the moves with your Grace Kid!
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Parent Cue

Our monthly (Nursery) and weekly (Preschool) Parent Cues can be found on the Parent Cue App. Download today and search for "Grace Bible Church Honolulu."

read the Bible with your children!

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