Grace Groups

Authentic communities where you can grow in your relationship
with God and build meaningful friendships.

Why Grace Groups?

God created us to live in relationship with other people, and most often, relationships are built while casually gathered around a table as opposed to sitting in an auditorium. Our Grace Groups provide an environment for you to make life-changing, life-giving relationships with others while you grow in your relationship with God.

How Do I Find A Grace Group?

With many groups to choose from, we believe there’s a group here for you. Click find a group, to receive more information about our Grace Groups.

What happens at a Grace Group?

A Grace Group is an intentional gathering of people who meet weekly in different locations throughout the island. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them around town and not even been aware of it.

A Grace Group looks like a group of friends having coffee and talking. It’s a gathering of four to eight people who meet in a variety of places like homes, restaurants, coffee shops and office buildings. Each group gathers weekly to spend time together, discuss Sunday’s message, support one another and pray for one another.