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A vision for grace honolulu
at the willows

During this past season, our church has been on an amazing journey together. We have seen God’s gracious hand and goodness over and over, again. The Lord has shown up in ways that only He can, to do the things that only He can.

We celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness in bringing us to a miraculous milestone… The property formerly known as The Willows is now the new home for Grace Honolulu!!!

For over sixty years, Grace Bible Church Honolulu has been doing great work for God in Hawai’i, with a vision to grow and expand and enlarge the footprint of God’s presence in Hawai’i and lengthen the reach of the Gospel around the world.

For the past eleven years, we’ve been looking for a permanent home – a place near the University of Hawai’i, and an environment conducive for serving our church community and the needs of those in our Honolulu community who don’t yet know Jesus.

We envision a place that is more than a building, but an environment. A place where families and young people can gather and make a practical difference in individual lives where the impact spills into the community.

Our hope is in Him as we begin making this the new home for Grace Honolulu.

Thank you for continuing to stretch with us in faith, in generosity and in owning God’s mission to see people come to know the life-transforming love of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Together we are building for tomorrow today and expanding the influence of God’s kingdom through this church. God has given us an opportunity to own His mission through this church and the impact He desires have through us for generations to come.

Let's celebrate this milestone as we head into our next phase of growth...

Thank you, God, for the grace to give.

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All gifts are tax-deductible. Please select "property improvements" as the designation of your gift.

building for tomorrow, today