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Josiah Sugiura

Youth Intern
As a local boy and current college student, Josiah is an energetic addition to our youth team. Recent graduate of Moanalua High School and raised in the church, the message of the Gospel was something Josiah had heard from birth, but it wasn’t until after he graduated from high school that the message of Jesus truly captured his heart in a powerful way. As a result, Josiah is able to connect with our youth in a way that is genuine, relatable and relevant.

Beach – Ko'olina
Spot on the island - Tantalus
Favorite Superhero: Iron Man
Movie – The Green Mile
Sports team – Houston Rockets
Favorite food – Persimmons
Ice cream flavor – Ben and Jerry's Caramel Almond Brittle

Random Things
In my free time, I like to cycle around the island.
Someday, I would like to visit Europe.